Heroes of the Storm unlike other MOBA

January 16th, 2015



No gamers today don’t know what MOBA is. This genre has become one of the most played game.

The rule of the game is simply, players will be parted into 2 teams, the game ends when one team destroy enemy core building.

After letting its customized map, DOTA, become popular, Blizzard now has released the hero brawler Heroes of the Storm. This game is different from other MOBA, you don’t have to buy item to imbue your character which means you don’t need to do last hit in order to earn gold. The maps are various, you can select 6 maps which has a unique objective.

Heroes of the Storm announce the closed beta on 15 January 2015. For MOBA veteran we recommend you to check http://www.heroesofthestormsource.com/ for tips&tricks which will help you get familiar with the game soon.

Reviewing a World of Warcraft Monk Class Guide

September 20th, 2012

I’ve been an avid gamer for over five years now and there’s nothing I enjoy more than participating in online games. They’re fun, dynamic and you can always make new friends online! My current niche is World of Warcraft! I started playing WoW since the launch of the Burning Crusade since I wanted to know what all this hype was about. Needless to say, the game never lost its touch in giving me new challenges to face. When I heard about Mists of Pandaria expansion, I couldn’t stop following the news! Seeing that in this expansion, Blizzard went ahead and changed all the classes, particularly Death Knight to accommodate the changes and new skill and ability mechanics. I was excited at the announcement of the new class, the Monk class.

When I read the news about the monk, I knew I had to try out the class but I needed guidance. For the longest time, I used guides published by KillerGuides. These guys are the gods of WoW guides. Before the launch of the game, KG had already published guides on their website which can be located here. I bought both guides, MoP strategy and monk guides for $29.99 USD a piece. Like all of their guides, their guides are in an e-book format which can easily be stored on your hard drive.

KillerGuides Pandaria and Monk Guides

Wicked covers, eh? I was interested in the monk class book and without hesitation I went ahead and skimmed through the guide. I’ll start with this: niiiiiiice! First off, I liked the layout of the guide; they were laid out in two readable columns and was written in full on, grammatically correct English. Secondly, the contents of the guide. From the get go, I could see the guide was written by a professional WoW veteran because he mentions the changes between Cataclysm and Pandaria in thorough detail. In addition to that the author went into detail about how to properly use the monk by following his recommendations. What I enjoyed reading and referencing was his skill rotations for each of the three builds: Mistweaver, Windwalker and Brewmaster. Since I’m a tanking Pandaren monk, I have my Brewmaster equipped.

Technically at the beginning I was quite clueless what to do with all these skills and abilities however, with proper instruction and guidance, a light bulb went off in my head; everything became easier to understand once I read through the author’s explanation how this particular talent build can help me. Testing out the recommendation, I headed off to a secluded place in Pandaria with a buddy of mine to do some slaying. I was surprised to see the results; I was leveling up fast and efficiently within the hour plus, my gold surplus doubled! Awesome! You have to try it for yourselves by using the books to help you create an indestructible monk for World of Warcraft. It’s really hard to tell you how the guide works wonders, even for casual players like myself. You really gotta try it out!


Since KillerGuides is now updating their old WoW guides, I’m going to invest in the All Access Pass which is a lifetime membership with the company. The complete bundle package includes 200+ guides from the entire KillerGuides library. This is a worthwhile purchase IMO and plus the great thing about KillerGuides are their free updates! Whenever a new guide is updated, you receive a notification via their newsletter. I really think this is a great way to up your game and learn about the other classes 🙂

Undoubtedly, this has been one of the the most solid guides I have ever come across! Featuring a strong build section and a copious amount of leveling know-how, I can definitely say this purchase was well worth it! I see a gradual change in the way I game was quite impressive! If you were like me struggle to build a strong talent and/or apply a strong rotation, this guide is definitely for you! Written by a pro gamer with years of WoW experience, their recommendations were spot on! Want to up your game now? Then get this WoW Monk advanced handbook. Looking for more than monk strategies? Don’t miss out on this unofficial Pandaria secrets book!

Final rating: stars

WoW Monk Preparation Guide

September 16th, 2012

Here’s a quick start-up guide to save you time going through trial and errors to kick start your Monk. For more detailed suggestions, go for this Unofficial World of Warcraft Monk Handbook. Well, here goes:

For starters, make sure to get some heirloom items for the extra XP bonuses and damage output. This will definitely get your up and running super quick. Between agility leather and intellect leather, for fast leveling go for agility leather. Keeping in mind that you’ll have 6 slots, make use of a 4 armor to 2 weapon combination which is the same as in heroes of the storm guide. There are also infact heirloom trinkets and ring but I wouldn’t recommend them much until later in the game. This more or less already covers half of your gear slots. Keep the other half empty for quest rewards and drops.

Going onto gold, you’re going to need alot of this for riding training, new glyphs, etc. To ensure smooth sailing, keep about 20k stored away for a rainy day. If you have your eyes on things like raid BoEs, 20k might not be enough though. Then get bags. The Netherweave Bags gives you 16 slots at 15 gold each while the Frostweave Bags gives you 20 slots for 120 gold. The more expensives ones are the Embersilk Bags which comes with 22 slots at 300 gold and the 26-slot Illusionary Bags at 3,000 gold, give or take.

Then come consumables. If you choose to play a Pandaren, you’re obviously going to need to stock up on Food, especially buff food to maximize racials. Recommend Skewered Eel and Severed Sagefish Head. If you want to play as a Mistweaver, also make use of Flasks of Distilled Wisdom.  As for potions, you can never get enough of to start out strong. Stack up on Swiftness potions as well as healing potions to avoid wasted time visiting the underworld.

What about enhancements, adventurer’s Journals and leveling strategies as you drill further into the game? Get veteran Monk advices here.

Mistweaver Monk Gameplay – the Jade Serpent Temple

September 13th, 2012

Check out the KillerGuides Monk Dungeons Walkthrough for more walkthroughs than this Jade Serpent Temple one.

World of Warcraft Monk Weapon Choices

September 10th, 2012

World of Warcraft Monks are the newest class to be introduced in Mists of Pandaria. The Pandaren are a neutral race which use martial arts abilities to defend their people and their sacred arts. In addition to using these skills, some of the skills are racially restricted so when choosing the race in the race selection screens, players should be aware of these traits.

weapon choice for wow monk

The monks don’t have any weapons per say; they’re considered a class which is unarmed. They’re weapons are their fists and feet. Monks can however ultilize weapons when performing finishing moves only.

One-handed Weapons:

  • Axes
  • Maces
  • Swords
  • Fist Weapons
  • Staves
  • Polearms

However do note that any melee classes will be unavailable to use any type of ranged weapon in the Pandaria expansion.

WoW Monk Windwalker Spec and Build

September 8th, 2012

Discover more about the Monk class from this Monk Compendium offered as an unofficial guide for the new Mists of Pandaria playable class.

Windwalkers are the DPS build for Monks in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Monks utilize energy and chi with their martial arts fighting style to deal damage along with some utility healing on some talents.The WoW monk build for Windwalkers will have some variations, but from beta experience, I’ve concluded on the key talents for success.

monk windwalkerThe first tier for the Monk windwalker involves movement abilities. You have the choice of being able to roll 3 times on cooldown, a sprint that clears snares and roots or your rolls stacking a speed gain. I’ve found momentum to be the best choice here all around, as you can cover so much ground which equals DPS gains in most of the content in MoP.

Wow Monks second tier involves chi expenders. You choose a hybrid ability that deals damage and healing. Chi burst is a strong aoe for 7+ enemies or in a 25 man raid when you can heal the entire melee pool with this powerful spell. Chi wave works similar to a shaman’s chain heal and chain lightning at the same time, healing 4 allies and damaging 4 enemies, this I found most useful in 10 man raids. Zen Sphere can be a good constant aoe when used on a tank or when you need the heal over time effect on yourself. This talent depends on what type of content you’re doing.

Tier number three offers talents that help generate chi. The best option for consistent chi gains is power strikes, as it will be nearly a flat 1 chi per 20 seconds. Ascension can be useful to make a windwalker’s rotation flow more aptly, but is not as much a gain as deadly strikes in the long run. chi brew can be useful if there’s a very small window of opportunity to burst down a target.

Crowd control for wow pandaria leveling monk at tier four, the best option for a melee windwalker is leg sweep, as it is an aoe 5s stun all around you. Charging ox wave is useful if enemies are spread away from you.

Tier five talents are all about survival. Most fatal damage hitting melee will be magical, diffuse magic is the most powerful cooldown in these situations. For encounters with little to no burst magic damage, Monk windwalkers will do best with dampen harm to prevent any physical bursts.

Tier six brings the damage talents. For sustainable aoe damage, the rushing jade wind is key to success, making your spinning crane kick hit significantly harder in the process. For single target, Invoke Xuen the white tiger will win out as the friendly companion does a slight aoe damage, but high single target.

Learn more about the Monk class here.

Monk Windwalker White Tiger


Monk Brewmaster Guide: Skill Rotations

September 3rd, 2012

Check out veteran recommended skill rotations for Mistweavers and Windwalkers.

WoW Monk Guide to Mistweaver Build

August 1st, 2012

This post is a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the Warcraft Monk class. For more in-depth content, game-play strategies and build recommendations, check out this Unofficial Monk reference book.

Using the powers of mana and chi, mistweavers are the healing specialization of the newly added Monk class with Mists of Pandaria. The unique play-style of mistweaver is that this monk spec will be taking advantage of dealing melee damage which heals their party and raid members for equal amounts of their damage at the same time. Monk mistweaver also have the traditional healing style of casting heals on players.

Mistweavers have some more clear cut talent choices than the other specs, there still is some room to customize but there are definitely some clear cut winners.

Tier 1 talents at level 15 have an obvious choice. Celerity gives the monk the ability to use their roll or chi torpedo a 3rd time per recharge and decreases recharge time by 5 seconds.. This talent is recommended by general wow mop leveling books for monk because you will be using chi torpedo as it is a no resource heal.

Tier 2 talents for level 30 are all viable choices. Chi wave works similar to a shaman’s chain heal, in that when you cast it, it heals up to 4 targets (bouncing) and damages up to 4 enemies in the same cast, definitely a solid raid healing option. Zen Sphere is a long heal over time that also causes damage on enemies around the shielded target, you can recast the zen sphere before it’s expiration to “explode” the sphere dealing burst aoe damage and heal around the target. Chi burst puts out a wave of healing and damage between you and an ally.
Zen sphere will be the obvious choice to tank heal or on fights with many adds on the tank
Chi burst is the choice for 25 man large scale raids
Chi wave will be the choice for 10 man raids, as it’s heal will be effective on half the raid.

Tier 3 has 2 talents that are situational against each other.
Power Strikes causes your jab ability to create 2 chi charge once every 20 seconds. This talent is superior on fights where you will be viably meleeing for most of an encounter. The other option is chi brew, which is an on use talent that restores 4 chi. This will be superior for burst healing or if your play-style won’t include jabbing in melee.

Tier 4 being the control tier has a clear cut winner in charging ox wave. The wow monks guide send out a 30 yard stunning wave of oxen, which doesn’t require the mistweaver to put themselves in danger. This will most likely be the standard for WoW monks.

Tier 5 is the defensive tree, again for the monk mistweaver there is a clear cut choice of diffuse magic which gives the monk 90% reduced magic damage and will put any magical damage over time effects on the monk back on their caster. The other 2 options are built much more for brewmasters.

Tier 6 has the best option in chi torpedo. Synergizing with the tier 1 celerity talent, roll becomes chi torpedo which deals damage and heals wherever you roll. The huge advantage to this ability is that it has no resource cost besides it’s own cooldown.

panda monk mistweaver

For more details on the topic the KillerGuides game guide publisher offers an in-depth reference for Monks.

Guide to the WoW Monk Builds and Spec

July 19th, 2012

Want to learn more about Monks than is publicly shared in most blogs and community sites? We recommend to check out this Monk manual.

The new, much anticipated, Mists of Panderia comes with the addition of a new class to World Of Warcraft; the monk. The new wow monk class comes with many new talents. All monks regardless of the playstyle chosen use monk chi and the concept of martial arts against opponents. There are the three main playstyles available in the monk class; damage, tank and healer. The wow monk build you choose is based on how you would like to play these new monks. A wow monk guide will help to decipher these new skills and abilities since the addition of the wow monk build has been seen nowhere else in the game.

mistsweaver, windwalker, and brewmaster

The Brewmaster

The Brewmaster is the tanking role and involves using energy and chi to power attacks and abilities. What makes the Brewmaster role completely different is the ability to use beverages to buff or mitigate damage. The drunken Brewmaster mechanics involve sweeping leg kicks, keg smashes and fortifying brews. The biggest difference between the tank spec and other tank or wow monk specs is Stagger. An attack on a tank is not taken immediately, but it is spread out over time. This will decrease initial bursts of damage for the tank. A wow monk guide can give you more information on this exciting new tank build.


The Mistweaver’s role in battle is that of healer. While the Mistweaver uses mana like other healing classes, it also uses chi which is strictly a monk energy source. Chi is used to power some of the healer’s damage abilities which converts damage into healing somewhat like the discipline priest’s spells. The damage abilities build up chi which is spent on certain spells like blackout kick and gives you Eminence healing.


Windwalker is the melee damage role for monks. Like the Brewmaster, the Windwalker uses chi and energy to power abilities. Jab is the main ability of this role because it generates chi which powers the more advanced and stronger abilities. After building chi with Jabs, the Rising Sun Kick will hit for a strong amount of damage and debuff the enemy so they take more damage. This wow monk is like no other class to leveling in pandaria land.

WoW Monk strategies and walkthroughs could also be found over at KillerGuides.com.

The World of Warcraft Monk Skills

June 16th, 2012

Here’s a quick mini-guide, for more insights, strategies and gameplay tactics check out these WoW Monk strategies.

Looking for the ultimate WoW monk guide? Then you’ve come to the right place. In World of Warcraft’s latest version entitled Mists of Pandaria, an eleventh class is introduced. This new class is the strongly Asian-influenced Monk class. The WoW monk class features abilities based on ancient martial arts. This enables the class to fill varying roles in team play.

pandaren monk

Pandaren masters are versed in every way, from damage dealers to defense to healing. And in WoW: Mist of Pandaria, they’ve chosen to share their techniques to fighters of both the Alliance and Horde. WoW monk abilities are made possible through their harnessing of inner energy and strength known in martial arts as Chi.

The monks class are masters of hand to hand combat and only use their weapons to generate finishing techniques. Monk Mistweavers induce harmony and balance for team play, casting healing abilities that can cure even the most critical of injuries. Meanwhile, another interesting sub-class is the Monk Brewmaster, whose fortifying beverages and unpredictable fighting technique enables them to absorb tremendous amounts of punishment. If you desire to harness the hand to hand abilities of the Monk class, try a Windwalker character. Windwalkers are masters of melee combat and have many skills that are damage-per-second type.

Chi is the main resource of the Monks. However, they have a secondary resource known as light and dark energy, which is consumed for certain skills. You must master both resources in order to get the best WoW monk build.

The three specs of monk in mists of pandaria exhibit a different set of skills. For instance, brewmasters have the unique skill Drunken Haze, in which all enemies that get hit get drunk on a per-second effect. Brewmasters also have avoidance skills including Shuffle, Guard and Recoil, which improve their survival in battles.

Mistweavers, on the other hand, are the intellect type among the three. They fight with wisdom rather than violence and actual combat. Mistweavers have different healing spells that bounce either between allies or enemies. Mistweavers also have buff skills that improve mana recovery and hp.

Windwalkers are masters of dealing damage through fists and feet. Their abilities include Muscle Memory and Afterlife, which is a passive skill that produces a healing sphere or chi sphere on the ground that awards honor or XP.

More advanced gameplay tactics and strategies for the class could be found over here.